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Oct 26 2014

"Follow the Leader"

October 26 Schedule:

  • Presentation, prayer, and praise for the Strategic plan at 9:15
  • Worship at 8:15 in the chapel or 11 a.m. in the sanctuary (no 9:15 service)
  • Program for children through 5th grade at 9:15; no adult or youth Sunday 


Sermon Audio

Oct 12 2014

"Hungry and Thirsty"

Dr. David Renwick

10/12/14 Sermon Audio 9:15 am or Sermon text or Sermon Notes

Oct 5 2014

Guest Preacher Archbishop Elias Chacour

We are delighted that Archbishop Chacour from Ibillin, Israel will be our guest preacher at 9:115 & 11 a.m. services on World Communion Sunday. 
Father Chacour has been a bold and winsome witness for Jesus Christ in Israel for over 30 years, pastoring a church, and forming a network of schools servicing 2,500 students in Ibillin, a small Arab village in the Galilee region, near Nazareth, where Christians and Muslims have lived together peacefully for hundreds of years. His story is told in his book, Blood Brothers, available at our bookstore. 
A Q&A with light refreshments will follow the 11 a.m. service.


10-5-14 11:00 am Sermon Audio

Sep 28 2014

"Meek, Not Weak"

Psalm 37:1-11a
Dr. David Renwick

9/28/14 11 am Sermon Audio or Sermon text