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Apr 18 2014

Good Friday

7 p.m.
"Both Sides of the Nails"
Dr. Quinn Fox

Good Friday Meditation Audio.mp3

Apr 17 2014

Maundy Thursday, 7 p.m.

"The Meaning of a Meal"
Rev. Evangeline Taylor
7 p.m., Chapel

Homily Audio 4-17-14.mp3

Apr 13 2014

Caring Enough

Palm Sunday
Dr. David Renwick

4-13-14 Sermon Audiio.mp3

Apr 9 2014

Fruit of the Spirit: "Gentleness and Self Control"

7 p.m.
Lent Vespers
Dr. David Renwick

4-9-14 Lenten Vespers Meditation.mp3 or Sermon Notes

Apr 6 2014

Caring Enough...To Receive

Dr. David Renwick

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