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Jan 25 2015

"Anatomy of the Soul"

Special guest Curt Thompson, M.D., psychiatrist and author of Anatomy of the Soul, discusses new discoveries in neuroscience – discoveries that reveal how our interactions with each other help shape our brains and relationships in ways that either point to our deepest desires to be joyful, courageous, kind, and secure, or to negative, harmful qualities.

Dr. Thompson talks about how these discoveries reflect what we already know from Scripture – that God desires for us a better life than what we could plan for ourselves. By paying attention to how our brains and relationships shape each other, we create space for God to work.


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Oct 18 2014

"Redeeming the Gift of Power"

Andy Crouch, Executive Editor of Christianity Today and author of Playing God: Redeeming the Gift of Power and Culture Making 

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Oct 18 2014

Conversation on Cultural Change with NPC Leaders

Andy Crouch speaks with NPC leaders about cultural change. 

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Aug 24 2014

Healing the Seven Deadly Sins

Increasingly the classic vices are being redefined in the contemporary world as virtues. Evangeline Taylor helps us examine the “deadly sins” through the lens of the Beatitudes and Jesus’ other teachings, through which we can find a path to healing, rather than cultural accommodation.

Aug 17 2014

Serving the Global Church: Stuart and Cathie Showalter

NPC-supported Wycliffe missionaries Stuart and Cathie Showalter work with the church among the Kaan people of Burkina Faso. Their focus is to provide the Scriptures in the Kaan language and to develop the community through literacy and small scale development projects. After 27 years they are almost finished with the New Testament in the Kaansa language. Hear stories of how God is working in that community to transform people’s lives.