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Aug 23 2015

An Ancient Path to Balance in Life: Saints, Sleep, and Sanity

Karen Wright Marsh shares insights from two ancient formative figures, St. Benedict and St. Scholastica, who can provide a path to balance in our lives today. Karen directs Theological Horizons, a strategic ministry that supports Christians in academia on the campus of University of Virginia. 

Aug 16 2015

Religion and Rebellion: What’s Next for the Arab World?

Veteran Columnist and former Middle East Bureau Chief for The Washington Post Tom Lippman shares his insight and experience as he reflects on the current situation in the Middle East, especially in Saudi Arabia and Egypt. Mr. Lippman currently serves as adjunct scholar for the Middle East Institute. He is the author of several books.

Aug 9 2015

Every Living Thing: Animal Welfare and Christian Faith

Christine Gutleben (Director of Faith Outreach for the Human Society of U.S.) and Michael Cromartie (V.P., Ethics and Public Policy Center) will lead us in a Biblical and theological exploration of why animals are worthy of our respect and care.

Aug 2 2015

Joining God’s Mission

NPC’s Senior Pastor David Renwick reflects on the difference it makes when we seek to find and join God’s mission in the world, rather than asking God to join our personal agendas.

Presentation Notes

Jul 26 2015

NPC’s Mission in the City and the World

Associate Pastor Donna Marsh, Margaret Gardner, and Serve Council leaders discuss NPC’s current approach to mission, our portfolio of mission partners, and NPC’s future engagement with God’s work in our city and the world.