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Jul 27 2014

The Lord of the Conscience and The Public Square

Amidst recent controversy over commencement speakers, many are raising questions about freedom of speech, dissent, and dialogue. Donna Marsh discusses these issues, that are part of the life of the Church, too, because according to the historic Presbyterian principle, “God alone is Lord of the conscience.”

Jul 27 2014

Serving the Global Church: Moldova Ministries

Hear how NPC is serving the Church in Moldova! In an uncertain era for this former Communist country, bold Christian leaders, pastors, and church workers are creating powerful opportunities to build strong families. They work to place orphaned children in loving faith-based homes and raise up a new generation of leaders through programs at the highly successful Christian university, Divitia Gratiae University.

Jul 20 2014

Dr. John Bernbaum: Trends In Global Christianity

In the past several decades, the center of gravity for world-Christianity has shifted southward and eastward. What are the consequences and implications of this change for North American congregations?  Elder John Bernbaum is the President and CEO of the Russian-American Institute.

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Jul 13 2014

General Assembly Wrap Up: What Happened in Detroit and What Does It Mean?

Quinn Fox, David Renwick, and John Huffman give a first-hand report and insights concerning the ramifications of decisions made in Detroit for the future of National Presbyterian Church and the PC(USA). 

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Jul 6 2014

Quiet Time: Finding Solitude in a Crowded World

Jesus arose “early in the morning to seek God” in the solitude of personal prayer. Is such a spiritual practice possible in 21st-century Washington?
Deacon Steven Greisdorf will help us understand this vital approach to our relationship with God, and how we can go about incorporating contemplation into our over-crowded lives.