Adult Sunday School

Winter/Spring Sunday School

Sundays February–May,  9:30-10:30 a.m.

The History of the Church in the High and Late Middle Ages
Church Room 110/111  |  Teacher: R.V. Seep
The unity of the Church in the Middle Ages did not last. The Church reached a zenith of power and influence, but it was fraught with complications and eventual corruption. As concerns of the Church became intertwined with those of “the State,” lines between sacred and secular became increasingly blurred. This led to reform movements, seeking to call the Church back to its sacred purpose. Join us for this broad overview of the last few hundred years of Christian history and practice.
Making a Difference with God: A Journey through the Book of Acts and Our World Today
Church Room 105  |  Teachers: Nancy Fox and Margaret Gardner
Through group Bible study of the book of Acts, we will explore how God worked through Jesus’ faltering disciples to build a world-wide church. Examples from church history as well as contemporary mission theory and practice will enable participants to consider how we live out God’s call in our own lives and service. Journey with us to enrich your current mission involvement or to explore God’s leading.
Men’s Bible Class: Experiencing Prayer Power
Culbertson Library  |  Facilitator: Gene Thompson
Men of all ages are welcome to join us for Bible study and discussion. This coming winter and spring we will explore the topic of prayer as we  equip ourselves to articulate, defend, and live out our faith in Christ, in both personal and public life. 
Looking at Luke: An “Orderly Account” of Jesus’ Life and Ministry
Agencies Building Room 105  |  Teacher: Currie Renwick
In the third gospel, Luke aims to provide his readers with an orderly account of Jesus, the man who lived and ministered at the crossroads of the first century Jewish and Roman worlds. More than just stories, though, Luke wants us to know the truth about what Jesus said, what he did, what happened to him, and why knowing this information is more important than anything else in the world. Join us as we delve into Luke’s account, and, aided by N.T. Wright’s study guide, discover the message that Luke wanted to pass on as clearly and accurately as possible.
Wrestlers: Engaging Contemporary Issues
Agencies Building Lower Level  |  Moderator: Paul Arveson
Speakers from a wide range of professions and ministries will share their life experiences so that members and friends of NPC can “apply God’s Word to God’s world.” In the coming months we’ll hear from a Moldovan Bishop who is also a Member of Parliament, and reflect with two retired Navy Admirals concerning their perspectives on faith. We’ll consider the role of music in the Church, as well as the church’s role in resettling refugees. We’ll look at John Calvin’s relationship to Martin Luther in this 500th anniversary year of the Reformation, as well as the revolutionary implications of Martin Luther’s life and thought. 
Parents’ Gathering: Where Faith Meets Life
10–10:30 a.m. Elson Parlor  |  Facilitators: Quinn Fox and Donna Marsh
Connect with fellow parents, enjoy a great cup of coffee, and have meaningful conversation about a topic that’s relevant to your life and faith – all during the second half of your child’s Sunday School hour. Begin your morning at 9 a.m. in the Sanctuary, and the entire family can worship and grow together in just 90 minutes.